Radical Mainers

Maine Working-Class History editors Andy O'Brien and Will Chapman write a monthly column for Mainer magazine called "Radical Mainers."

September 2021: Mainers Agitate, Organize and Strike for the 10-Hour Day

August 2021: Maine Workers Launch the Fight for a Shorter Work Day

July 2021: The Birth of the People's Press

June 2021: Mechanics Form the First Labor Party in Maine

May 2021: The Making of Maine’s Working Class: The Charitable Mechanic Association

April 2021: Honoring the Legacy of Labor Historian Charlie Scontras

March 2021: When Maine Bosses Marched Workers to the Ballot Box

February 2021: The Maine Ku Klux Klan Fueled the Political Career of Rabid McCarthyite Ralph Owen Brewster

January 2021: When a White Mob Attacked Two Black Students at the University of Maine

December 2020: War Fever and the Decline of the Socialist Party in Maine

November 2020: The First Man Convicted of Blasphemy in Maine

October 2020: Red Scare Hysteria in Maine

September 2020: Rounding Up the Slackers

August 2020: Sedition Act Crackdown on Pacifists and Leftists

July 2020: The Red Scare Hits Maine

June 2020: The End of Slavery in Maine

April 2020: A Squatter Revolt in Backcountry Maine

March 2020: Motley Crews of Revolutionary Maine

February 2020: A Brutal Race War Ends in Victory for the Abenaki

January 2020: A Race War Rips through Southern Maine

December 2019: A Brutal Race War Brews in Colonial Maine

November 2019: Servants and Slaves in Colonial Maine

October 2019: Strikers and Business Tyrants of Colonial Maine

September 2019: Bad Moon's Risin'